SAV LAVIN is short from her name, Savira Lavinia. she was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She placed her distinctive stamp on fashion in beyond her imagination of newborn concept consisting the unknown citizen’s memory who lives in another dimension. BEHIND THE BRAND As the theme for SAV LAVIN’s collections change, the vision stays the same: A dedication to create a twist story behind the concept using traditional handcraft methods and couture techniques within ready-to-wear.

THE COLLECTIONS SAV LAVIN experiments with science and materials such as a hand-made thermochromic textured and manually moulded rubber fabric, neoprene, mesh, basic patterns play with hand-drawn illustrations printed digitally and drawn manually on mesh and cotton fabrics. The consistent blend of bright colors and materials creates a look of mixed childishly wild and tamed to each design. A former design intern for the infamous Iris Van Herpen, Savira has made a name in her own right and dubbed as “One To Watch” by major fashion media editors from around the world.